Promotions API


1. Introduction

Agoda Promotion API allows you to create, modify, toggle and retrieve promotions on without using extranet (YCS).

After completing the development with Agoda's Promotion API, please contact your Account Manager at Agoda for certification tests.

2. Features

Promotion API offers the following features:

  • Create new promotion

  • Update existing promotion

  • Activate or Deactivate promotion (Toggle)

  • Retrieve promotion

3. Promotion Types

  • Customized Promotion - a number of advanced configuration options are available here to allow you to tailor promotions to your needs.

  • Early Bird/Advance Purchase promotion - must be booked a minimum number of days before check-in/arrival - often 7 or 14 days in advance of check-in.

  • Last minute promotion - a promotion which can only be booked a few days before check-in, typically 7 days.

  • 72-hours Promotion - Limited time sale – a promotion which can only be booked for the next number of days (default 3 days)

  • Long stays - a promotion that applies to customers with longer lengths of stay.

  • Express Tonight: a promotion that allows you get rid of tonight’s inventory quickly.

4. Connecting to the API

Following steps are needed to connect with Agoda Promotion API:

If you are an existing partner with Agoda, please contact your Account Manager at Agoda.

If you are a new partner, please follow the steps on this page in becoming a partner with us.

5. API Specification

The detailed specification for the Promotion API is currently under revision and can be viewed on this page.