Onboarding API


1. Introduction

Agoda Onboarding API allows you to create and modify properties on Agoda.com for both hotel and non-hotel accommodations.

Connect your software to Agoda's Onboarding API to enable your users to register their property and modify their content directly in your interface, without using Agoda.com extranet (YCS). This includes managing their properties, rooms, rates, mapping the products and photos.

After completing the development with Agoda's Onboarding API, please contact your Account Manager at Agoda for certification tests.

2. Audience

The Onboarding API can be used by all properties that are connected via Channel Managers or are directly integrated with our systems.

The API set works seamlessly with the Availability, Rates and Inventory (ARI) management APIs. So if a Channel Manager has already implemented our ARI API then the same credentials will work for the Onboarding API as well.

3. Features

Onboarding API offers the following features:

  • Manage Properties - Allows creation and management of properties

  • Manage Rooms - Allows creation and management of room information

  • Manage Rates - Allows creation and management of rate plan information

  • Managing Product - Allows mapping the above into a sellable product

  • Sign Contract - Allows the properties to sign a contract with Agoda from the Channel Manager interface

4. Business Flow

5. Connecting to the API

Following steps are needed to connect with Agoda Onboarding API:

If you are an existing partner with Agoda, please contact your Account Manager at Agoda.

If you are a new partner, please follow the steps on this page in becoming a partner with us.

6. API Specification

The detailed specification for the Onboarding API can be viewed on this page.

7. Best Practices

  1. Please make sure you push the cancellation policy to Agoda, either at the property level or hotel product level. Otherwise, Agoda will default the cancellation policy to “Cancel 1 day prior to arrival date, the first-night charge, No Show, the first-night charge”. It would be great if you can push the correct cancellation policy to us.

  2. To set property check-in/out time, kindly send the PolicyInfo in Property call. Please note that the check-in/out time in HotelProduct is NOT in use.
    <PolicyInfo CheckInTime="14:00:00" CheckOutTime="12:00:00"/>

  3. It would be great if you can push Booking.com property ID to us. Agoda can pull the guest reviews from Booking.com to our website and this would help properties to get bookings faster.

    <OTAReference ID="12345" OTAName="Booking.com"/>

  1. If the property have multiple rooms and those multiple rooms are mapped to a specific rate plan, you would need to map all rooms in one HotelProduct request. For example:

    <HotelProduct ProductNotifType="New">
    <RoomType RoomTypeCode="123"/>
    <RoomType RoomTypeCode="456"/>
    <RoomType RoomTypeCode="789"/>
    <RatePlan RatePlanCode="111">
    <SellDateRange End="2020-12-31" Start="2020-01-10"/>
    <StayDateRange End="2020-12-31" Start="2020-01-10"/>

  2. Kindly use the look up information, i.e. cancellation policies, facilities, room amenities, fees, error codes, etc., from Production sever. As the information in Sandbox may contain non-Production data. Example endpoint: https://content-push.agoda.com/cm/codes/cancel-policies