Connectivity Support Guidelines

For connectivity issues, please reach out to our Technical Connectivity Support Team by using this Technical Support Inquiry Form .

What are connectivity issues and how to request support?

Connectivity issues are those that suspected to have Technical issue between Agoda and Channel Manager Partners which related to YCS5API, OAPI and PromoAPI: these inquiries are systematic and potentially caused wide spread incident. Channel Manager can submit the escalation to Technical Connectivity Support Team via form

What are non-connectivity issues and how to request support?

Non-connectivity issues are those that arise at property level. The property should submit such inquiries directly to our Accommodation Services Team by using the Need Help button on YCS, the Contact button on HostManage, or the Support button on PartnerHub. It is essential that properties submit directly, so that the inquiries are not mistakenly rerouted, causing delays in turnaround time. Here we provide an Agoda Escalation Support Guideline, summarizing the most frequent non-connectivity issues. We encourage you to share this guideline with your connected properties. 

How to identify if an Overbooking is caused by Connectivity issues (or) manual overrides?

As Channel Managers (CM), you may see some bookings present itself as overbooking and raise a ticket for more details on the issue. Upon analysis of overbooking-related inquiries, however, we found that approximately 58% of them were non-connectivity related, and could have been resolved with preliminary checks by the property or CM. This would help resolve the issues much faster and without having to wait for a response from our Technical Connectivity Support team.

Below are possible scenarios that can be presented as overbooking but not a connectivity related issue, which can be categorized into these 4 buckets.

YCS extranet manual update:

Inventory Allotment is set as 0 using API for a certain date range, room type belonging to a property, but YCS still shows availability. This could be due to someone with YCS privilege modifies the allotment manually after the API updates. Agoda would allow booking on such room types.

We request CMs to check if any manual updates have been made on the YCS extranet.

The information could be accessed here in YCS to check if any Front End users update the properties after ARI updates. 

Allotment made available due to cancellation (Inventory Return)

The CM updates the allotment as 0 for a certain date range & room type. There is a cancellation of booking at Agoda on the same room type for the same date after the CM updated the allotment. It is considered as Inventory Return.

We request CMs to check the booking retrievals & YCS extranet to see if there is any booking cancellation for the same room type and date range.

The information could be accessed here in YCS to check if any cancellation is made on an existing booking after ARI refresh.

Note: Enter the date range wider than the actual date that you would like to validate. This would ensure that the bookings spanning multiple dates are also accommodated.

Rate plan is closed for a Room but not Inventory

CM closes a rate plan for a room type for a certain date range. Note that there may be another rate plan that is still associated with the room type, and it would allow our system to process booking. If a CM doesn’t want any booking to be made on a room type for a certain period, we request CM to close the allotment in inventory updates.

We request CMs to check rate plan on a booking that is considered as overbooking and see if it is still active and inventory updates sent on that room type.

Calendar Sync option turned on for NHA properties

If a non-hotel accommodation (NHA) property gets activated with the CM, the property should no longer use the Calendar Sync option on Host Manage. This feature is created for NHA properties not associated with the CM to manage its inventory. Any updates sent by the CM through API would get overridden by the Cal Sync updates and would cause allotment errors leading to overbooking.

We request CMs to educate their NHA properties about this.

Example: The below setting must be disabled by the property.

We request CMs to investigate if the bookings fall under the above-described umbrella before reaching out to us for assistance. Doing so would be beneficial for all involved parties by:

·       Reducing the turnaround time needed to for a resolution

·       Reducing ticket volume to our Technical Connectivity Support team, allowing more time spent on solving issues arising from actual technical root causes

For overbookings falling into the above scenarios, we recommend the CM to inform the property on how to perform preliminary self-checks. However, if the overbooking wasn’t due to any of the above scenarios or if the CM is unable to deduce the root cause, such issues can be raised to the Technical Connectivity Support team by using this Forms

What happens to inquiries escalated to the wrong support team?

The turnaround time will be delayed, and may be requested for resubmission to the correct support pipeline. 

How are inquiries distinguished by the support workflow?

Inquiries are distinguished based on requestor. Property requestors will fall under the Accommodation Services Team, while Channel Manager requestors will go to the Technical Connectivity Support Team. Requestors can achieve the best possible turnaround time by escalating to directly to their respective support. 

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