Onboarding API


1. How should I set the Contact Info? 

<ContactInfo ContactProfileType="PhysicalLocation">


            <Address Language="en-US">

              <AddressLine>213 Street Name.</AddressLine>







<ContactInfo ContactProfileType="PhysicalLocation">








            <Phone PhoneNumber="+123456789"/>






2. How can I set GuestInfo (age policy/child stay free) in the Property call? 

Whats the difference between child_age_to and max_child_age ? 

3. Will these email/phone number be shared with the guest?

4. How can I set RoomConfiguration in Room call? 

5. How can I set cancellation policy?

6. Why I got "Authorization error" when trying to create a room or rate plan?

7. Why I got error code 1201 "API key is not authorized for Property id: xxx" when I try to push SetARI/SetARIv2 or GetProduct?

8. Why I got "Home should have 1 rate plan." error?

This is a validation for single unit vacation rentals (Agoda Homes) to have only 1 rate plan and 1 room type per property.

Property will be categorized as single-unit vacation rentals when:

9. Why I got "Restrictions - limit 1 room" error?

10. Limitation

11. Will all properties under the same email account got signed/auto-lived after host/Property Manager signed via hostContractsSign call or signed in Host Manage?

12. Does Agoda take commission from surcharges/fees?

14. How the Contract work?

15. What is the meaning of each Fees' ChargeType?

PGPB = Per Guest Per Booking

PB = Per Booking

PGPN = Per Guest Per Night

PRPB = Per Room Per Booking

PN = Per Night

PAPB = Per Adult Per Booking

PCPB = Per Child Per Booking

PAPN = Per Adult Per Night

PCPN = Per Child Per Night 

16. What is the meaning of each Fees' ApplyType? 

M = Mandatory (Agoda Collect) where Agoda will collect the fee when the booking is made

E = External (Property Collect) where property owner will collect the fee upon arrival 

17. What are the list of attributes that cannot be updated via API?

There are certain attributes that cannot be updated via content push API.

Some will get an error warning that the value of the attribute cannot be updated while some will just simply be ignored.

18. Why do I get error when trying to push a property with certain chain ID?

Certain chain ID must be added to your API key first in our backend set up to allow property to be created with that chain ID using your API Key.

19. Why do I get error 'Limit exceed for creation' when it was working perfectly before?

On our backend set up, each API key has certain property allowance. This error generates only when the allowance is met. Please contact Agoda support to increase the allowance for you.

20. What are the certification steps?

Onboarding API Certification consists of 2 stages: Self-Certification and Pilot.

Self-Certification: A script testing in survey format for partner to complete after finishing the development. Once the script testing has been validated by Agoda, we will inform partner to move to the next stage.

Self-Certification Link >>> Please click here.

Pilot: Partner starts pushing 2-3 real properties to onboard on Agoda. Once the properties have been auto-enabled by the system with no issue, we will inform partner that they are certified.

21. How can I create a test hotel and see end-to-end process?

End-to-end process is available in production environment only so we suggest you to push a test property to production in Test city. Below are coordinates and details of the Test city.

longitude = 43.331237

latitude = -11.636096

Country code = KM

City name = Test City

22. Why do I keep receiving 'hotel is already exist" error?

It is because the property is flagged as duplication with an existing property on Agoda. Below are the criteria for duplication logic.

23. How long does it take for a property to live on Agoda?

Usually it takes 24-48 hours for a property to live on Agoda by the automated flow given that all required criteria are met.

Once these 3 criteria are met, the automation flow will submit the property to fraud check stage and when it passes fraud check, the property will be activated on Agoda.

24. Why images pushed are not processed?

Image URL must be whitelisted on Agoda first before images can be processed. Please also note that image URL must be accessible via internet browser.

In case image URL is already whitelisted, it could be server performance issue. Please contact Agoda Support to check on case-by-case basis.

25. Is there a wait-time between each request when creating a property?

Yes, we recommend 10 minutes wait-time between each creation request when pushing a new property to Agoda.

26. How can images be updated or added?

27. What are the attributes that can be updated using DELTA update?

Property Route:

Room Route:

RatePlan Route:

28. What are mandatory attributes in order to get vacation rental properties to go live?

29. Why does my properties got deleted?

Properties will be deleted if they do not go live after 60 days of initial onboarding. In order for property to go live,  all required criteria must be met.

Once these 3 criteria are met, the automation flow will submit the property to fraud check stage and when it passes fraud check, the property will be activated on Agoda.

30. How can product (mapping room and rate) be deleted?

Product is always in overwrite mode so our system would take whatever is the latest push of that particular rate plan.

Therefore, if there's a mistake in product creation, a new request push would correct the mistake by overwriting the existing product.

31. How can we link multiple rooms to one rate plan?

Product is in OVERWRITE mode by default. Please note that Rate plan is the core of the mapping.