What are the certification steps?

Certification consists of 2 steps including self-certification and pilot phase

  • Self-Certification: A script testing in survey format for partner to complete after finishing the development.

  • Pilot: A trial period connecting with 2-3 live properties to ensure connection stability.

What are the mandatory calls that must be developed?

GetProduct, SetAri, GetBookingList (v1 or v2), GetBookingDetails

What is difference between a generic endpoint and a unique endpoint for each call?

Unique endpoint: This endpoint is unique for a specific request so ‘type’ is not required in request body.

Generic endpoint: This endpoint is a universal endpoint which can be used for any Agoda API request; however, ‘type’ is mandatory in request body.

What are the day limits for each call?

SetAri: 730 days from today

GetAri: 31 days

GetBookingList: Date range = 90 days, looking back 740 days

GetBookingListV2: Date/Time range = 60 mins, looking back 740 days

What is the size limit of each request?

1 MB

Does Agoda restrict request limit per day?


Does Agoda support child rate?

No, Agoda doesn’t support child pricing, but we have children policy logic to allow child stay free, etc.

What is the difference between Min LOS and Min Night for Stay-Through?

  • Min LOS: applies only on the arrival date.

  • Min Night for Stay-Through: applies on stay period, meaning any stay date that arrives or touches this min stay through, the booking will be abided by the rules of that night to the entire stay.

For example: if the property set a restriction on Friday, Jan 1st.

  • Min LOS: applies only on to bookings checking-in/arriving on Fri Jan 1st.

  • Min Night for Stay-Through: applies to any booking that includes Fri, Jan 1st (but not bookings checking out on Jan 1st).

After the certification, how can I connect a channel manager to a property on Agoda?

Please submit a request to agoda.chain.support@agoda.com with hotel ID and hotel name so that our support team can grant API access.


Does Agoda have push booking notification?

Agoda doesn’t have push booking, only pull bookings GetBookingList (v1 or v2) and GetBookingDetails.

What is the difference of GetBookingListV1 and GetBookingListV2?

GetBookingListV1: To retrieve the bookings for one specific property or up to 5 properties at once.

GetBookingListV2: To retrieve the bookings without specifying a hotel. This will return all bookings that updated in specified period (Max. 60 mins) of all hotels belongs on channel manager.

How to identify Agoda collect and property collect reservation?

Agoda Collect: <paymentmodel>1</paymentmodel>

Property Collect: <paymentmodel>2</paymentmodel>

Why are we seeing different pricing structures returned in GetBookingDetails?

Agoda has different configurations to return different pricing structures in GetBookingDetails, which are based on property location and payment model. Including:

Default (Agoda Collect): net_inclusive and ref_sell

Property Collect: Sell_inclusive

Taiwan: Net_inclusive

US and its territories*: Net_exclusive, Net_inclusive, Tax and fee

*US and its territories include: USA, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Marshall Islands, American Samoa, Guam, Palau, Northern Mariana Islands, Federated States of Micronesia

Is there a Commission attribute in GetBookingDetails?

No, we don’t have commission attribute. The pricing structure is as stated in the answer above.

How do I create test bookings in Sandbox?

Test bookings can only be created in production environment on a test hotel assigned to you.

Making a test booking in Production, do I have to use real credit card?

Yes, however, please follow below steps to avoid charges made on your credit card.

  • Please at least create bookings with stay period a month in advance

  • Make test bookings with Book Now Pay Later payment option

  • You can later manage your bookings (amend or cancel) from My Booking Menu

  • Once all tests have been completed, please do not forget to cancel all test bookings before the charge date

Can a booking have multiple room types?

We do not allow booking with different room types, but only same room type with multiple room count.

Does Agoda have an endpoint to pull all future bookings?

We do not have such endpoint. However, you can use GetBookingList request which can look back booking creation date 90 days per request.

Why GetBookingDetails not provided UPC card number?

For every property which has payment method set other than UPC, GetBookingDetails won't provided card number since there's no UPC generated for each booking. Property must log in to YCS and settle payment by themselves.

For example, property settles 10 bookings and a single UPC number will be generated to have the total amount of all 10 bookings.

If your property has payment method = "UPC" (not "UPC on ePass") but still cannot get card number from GetBookingDetails or would like to check on property payment method, please submit a request to agoda.chain.support@agoda.com with hotel ID and booking ID so that our support team can assist.